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Knowledge of the rules and game play for regular four- player Spades is assumed in this description. Caution: The uncertainty and individually  Missing: nello ‎ olivo. Book 10 - The Hunchback of Notre Dame Audiobook by Victor Hugo (Chs 1-7)

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In some versions of Spades, some or all of the four twos are elevated to the top of the spade suit, are ranked in some specified order, and are considered to be spades. Spades is a plain-trick game in which spades are always trumps. Variation : Some players count sandbags. On the first trick, some require that everyone must play their lowest club. Players must play a card from the suit that was led, unless they do not have any cards of that suit. This will be happening. At the end of the hand, the dummy player returns to its original position at the table before the next hand is dealt.