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Cj7 dana 30 ball joint replacement

cj7 dana 30 ball joint replacement

That article looks like it's for a new 30. Doesn't a 79 have 1979 CJ7 Tried to remove the sleeve without first removing the ball joint. Gonna  1984 CJ7 Ball joint install help.
A maintenance write-up for replacing the ball joints on a Dana 30 front axle on a TJ.
Vehicle(s): 83 CJ 8, 258 I6, T19, 4-1 Dana Head, Mopar MPI, 10k winch, OME Jeep Articles / Technical and Installation (D30 Upper/Lower Ball Joint Jeep CJ7 - Moog Front suspension, upper Ball Joint   Stiff ball joints and steering issues.

Cj7 dana 30 ball joint replacement - basketball

They are both very trusted sources of parts. This part was rather hard to find without buy a whole new axle kit , but pakistan-karachi.info came through for me. Use a new cotter pin. You will need several special tools for this:. I have to press out the lower ball joint first. Next, install knuckle into axle. Its really an amazing.

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Please enter a password for your user account. Frank's comments so here they are. I engrave the backside of the tag with the date of rebuild and if I changed gear ratios. I used an old bearing race that is slightly small to help me press them in. Install a new cotter pin in the upper ball joint castle nut.
cj7 dana 30 ball joint replacement