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Ice wizard deck clash royale arena 8 deck

ice wizard deck clash royale arena 8 deck

This deck can let you bully your way into The Ice Wizard will slow troops.
This combo got me from Arena 7 into Arena 8. And now after falling back into Arena 7 I am pushing it back.
New Ice Wizard deck! Best legendary card deck! Clash Royale & Clash Royale Commentary! If you Like.

Ice wizard deck clash royale arena 8 deck - foxwoods

A cheap double prince deck! It will slow down and kill your enemies by its splash damage. Demolish those towers and buildings! Here is another easy defend against a Sparky, I Zap then use Minions to take it out and also form a counter push with the Hog Rider to do some damage to his tower. New LavaLoon Raged Deck. The only difference during the double elixir mark is that you can drop the troops you needed much more quickly. Compilation of Arena Deck Strategies:. Best Royal Giant Decks. A different kind of trifecta with the bigboys? Use it depending on the situation. That being said, successfully dropping all these units is usually enough to destroy your opponent's crown tower. His range plus his slow down effect can make it easier for your tower archers to get rid of any intruders. Dominate on both offense and defense!