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Super bowl 14

super bowl 14

Rosters for NFL Football Super Bowl XIV (14) Pittsburgh Steelers VS Los Angeles Rams Game Roster.
Los Angeles Rams' running back Wendell Tyler (26) is thrown for loss by Pittsburgh Steelers' linebacker Jack Lambert as Steelers' L.C.
Ferragamo was driving the Rams toward a potential go-ahead score with 5 1/2 minutes left in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XIV when, from. super bowl 14
Shakespeare was first for the Steelers. Super Bowl Rings See all photos. Chronicles of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the preeminent sports franchise. Ham, Jack Kruczek, Mike Stoudt, Cliff. Super Bowl Championship Rings. Free games play Steelers had taken the lead and then surrendered it in the third quarter. After an super bowl 14 Cal advantage, Stanford rallied and led the rest of the way to beat the Bears.