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Free wedding games for reception

free wedding games for reception

Let's face it, a wedding reception can sometimes be a little boring for those folks. That's why we went on the hunt for easy party games you can.
There are lots of ways to incorporate games into your wedding day lineup. Here are ideas for different times and parts of the celebration.
Don't have a boring wedding! We have 10 tried and true wedding games that your guests will love to play at your reception.
Do not make your wedding a formal meetup with guests, sitting down, yawing, eating and adding on the calories. The bride and groom included song request slips with their wedding invitations to help them build the playlist and to give guests fair warning that the party would require audience participation. For either of these ideas, it adds an element of fun to have the guests themselves come up with the questions, perhaps one from each family or table. Imagine how much good luck you'll have coming your way if you win a game of horseshoes! Be free wedding games for reception Photographer with I Spy!. Eat This, Not That! free wedding games for reception

Free wedding games for reception - repair bolingbrook

Why not jazz it up a bit with a kissing menu? Two words: hula hoops. Puzzles, Board Games, and Card Games. Your Wedding Registry Checklist. Spin the Wheel of Fun! At our wedding reception we served food and drink, had background music playing, cut the cake and had toasts. It sounds obvious, but it belongs on the list: Seat guests with people they'll know and get along with.