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Type 052C destroyer

Type 052C destroyer

China's Luyang-II Class / Type 052C Destroyer - posted in Modern Warships: Time to give some love to the Chinese. With Chinas Naval.
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The Type 052D destroyer is a class of guided missile destroyers being deployed by the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy Surface Force. Currently it is being built at two different Chinese ship yards. After the Type 052C destroyer (NATO code name Luyang II class,  Planned ‎: ‎18+.

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This is a frightful striking force in the disputing areas, such as the South China Sea Islands. The commissioning ceremony took place at the PLAN East China Sea Fleet's. AMI expects regional countries will view these developments as a "significant threat to stability, particularly as the PLAN refines and perfects its ability to operate a carrier or amphibious strike group and project power at sea or over land. The vessel can transfer combat data to other surface fleet units and aircraft through a data link and satellite communications. Chinese ability to control access to the South China Sea and effectively control this entire area is just a matter of time. The two ships were built at Jiangnan Shipyard in Shanghai.

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However, under an earlier but completely different contract, Ukraine did provide cooling technologies for the antenna to China. According to the Chinese. I like the Burkes better. And they will have missile-armed patrol craft and diesel submarines to act as offshore pickets. The Band Stand radar and a Light Bulb data link guide the missiles. Sexy ship but the Type 052C destroyer look better. The Chinese claim this results in lower size, weight, and maintenance costs. China has the resources, ingenuity and manpower to win a naval arms race with its neighbors. From Wikipedia, best mp4 player for windows free encyclopedia. The vessel has an aft hangar and flight deck for one helicopter for support, reconnaissance and long range ASW defense. This website uses cookies to manage authentication, navigation, and other functions. Retrieved from " Type 052C destroyer