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Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

WELS is a group of nearly men, women, and children in nearly 1300 congregations across the United States and Canada united by a common faith in   ‎ Call Reports · ‎ Devotions · ‎ Daily Devotions · ‎ What We Believe.
These bodies are the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) and the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran.
The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod is often referred to as WELS Documented details what is happening within that particular synod.

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Furthermore, we rejoice that even in the Roman Catholic Church, where we believe that the gospel has been distorted, there are many Catholics who hold to a simple faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior and who will ultimately be saved. Similarly, the views of Bachmann's church toward the papacy--which are well outside the mainstream of modern political discourse--could pose a problem as she pursues the Republican nomination. Contact Us Do you have a question about the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod? The Bible The Bible and Lutherans teach that the Bible is the true word of God. Justification The Bible and Lutherans teach that God judged all sinners righteous in his sight when Jesus Christ died on the cross for us. Forward in Christ is the official magazine of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. Young people and adults should continue to read and study the Bible privately and through Bible classes offered by the congregation.

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A man named Martin Luther led people back to the teachings of the Bible. Today, schools in the South are almost as segregated as they were when Sevone Rhymes was a child. Man and Woman The Bible and Lutherans teach that men and women are a special creation of God. Luther was clear that by 'Antichrist' [he meant] anybody who puts himself up in place of Christ. Unfortunately, such groups, because of sinfulness, also include hypocrites and defenders of false teachings. The devil Satan is their leader. Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod Popular Videos - Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod & Student