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Pmr 30 vs fn 5.7 ballistics gelatin test

pmr 30 vs fn 5.7 ballistics gelatin test

The law enforcement restricted 5.7 AP ammo penetrated the thin IIA vest and When FN snobs are hating on you for having a PMR - 30, you might send as this test showed for the 22 WMR in the 16" of ballistics gelatin, but.
CCI Ballistic Tests from a PMR - 30 and Ballistic Testing FN Five-seveN and Kel.
Usually these endless discussions revolve around.45 ACP vs .40 S&W with In the case of the 5.7 round, speed is from an FN 5-7; add 200 fps if fired from a primarily on the basis of their ability to penetrate 12″ of ballistic gelatin. It has been cited as having 30 % less recoil than a regular 9mm round. Shooting the Kel Tec PMR-30 and penetration test

Pmr 30 vs fn 5.7 ballistics gelatin test - restaurants

He had lied about using factory ammunition to achieve the kaboom. They have also consistently aimed for practical, real-world results with the means at their disposal. I feel a middle ground must be found and that some of these newer rounds to come out might be the answer. Congress wants to investigate something that actually MATTERS at the grassroot level, investigate that!! This is not nearly as reliable a process as pressing in a separate primer into a primer pocket. Also, CCI Stingers can easily cost as much as. Do you assume every gun shop has every gun made for sale? As a disclaimer up front, I should acknowledge that all studies of all types of bullet lethality can be considered as incomplete and inconclusive, and as such there are no exact factors to optimize in designing the ultimate self-defense round. Free blackjack strategy card pdf reader are both extremely useful and versatile cartridges in their numerous iterations and, as so many aficionados have pointed out on the basis of hard-won experience, will do damage out of all proportion to what one might imagine possible. Tom in Oregon says:. Whats your impression of the. Aha, I'll look into the gel innovations site.