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I only have 2 pairs of pants

i only have 2 pairs of pants

Since then, I have been very careful to add only clothing that I How, you ask, do I get away with wearing the same pair of pants all the time?.
I figure the heaviest stuff is pants and I have definitely. 5 pairs of khakis for work (3 I wear regularly, the other 2 I only wear if the other 3 are.
For me I make sure to not wear the same pair of pants again until 2 weeks passed. I only have two pair of pants, I dont buy more beacause i think its a waste of. Grew up mostly in New York suburb near Manhattan. Funny photos by Photoshop Disasters. I don't normally do. I'm still on a long term weight loss journey, so I don't intend to buy any more pants at my current size. Not gonna do it any. I don't care if people notice and think whatever thoughts they think when they notice.

I only have 2 pairs of pants - mahjong

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