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Armenians in Syria

Armenians in Syria

As Europe's refugee crisis unfolds, Armenia says it has hosted thousands of Syrians, particularly those from the Christian- Armenian community.
After the genocide, Armenians fled to Aleppo, Syria. Now, some in the community have found their way back, including one family that has.
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Syria's Armenians look to ancient homeland for safety.. But a century later, increasing numbers of Syrian Armenians are now driving to Beirut, where they board flights to Yerevan. Today, there are several million Armenians worldwide. Anahit Khosroeva, Assyrian community activist, leading researcher at the Institute of History and former professor of Chicago University says in an electronic communication: "We were told by the migration service authorities that the Assyrians would be helped and protected in Armenia just like the Syrian-Armenian refugees. Share this with Email.

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Muslim ban: Japanese and Muslim Americans join forces. Although the Armenians have had a long history in Syria, most arrived there during the Armenian Genocide committed by the Ottoman Empire. His family lived for almost a century in Aleppo and had made the Syrian city their home. She decided to flee Syria after repeatedly receiving malicious phone calls from the group, threatening to find and kill her children, too. Being among the oldest sporting clubs in Syria, al-Yarmouk and Ouroube have several teams participating in different Syrian National competitions including football , basketball men and women , table tennis , chess and other individual sports. How lives Syrian Armenians in Aleppo today Documentary Film Armenians in Syria