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Gerber 21 318 toilet

gerber 21 318 toilet

# 21 - 318 17" high elongated handicap bowl, standard 12" rough The Gerber Ultra Flush toilet comes with either the Sloan FLUSHMATE Flushometer - Tank.
Buy the Gerber HE- 21 - 318 Ultra Flush Pressure-Assist ErgoHeight Elongated 2" fully glazed trapway for effective waste removal; Toilet seat not included.
Toilet. • Vitreous china. • Combination bowl and tank. • Sloan Flushmate pressure vessel www. gerberonline.com. NOTES: All Combination HE- 21 - 318. Bowl.

Gerber 21 318 toilet - room

Once put back together, it was working good as new. The comments below come directly from WDI with some input from Gerber Plumbing Fixtures. Compared to other types of low consumption water closets, Flushmate offers many distinctive advantages. More From Consumer Reports. Indicates this model sent simulated solid waste farther, potentially reducing drain-line clogs.. And the problem is getting worse. gerber 21 318 toilet
These also meet Federal ADA requirements. We're here to help. Search our catalog for:. Sorry, please try. Are the others eventually going to fail, like the one in the master bath?