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Two pairs of glasses for 69.00

two pairs of glasses for 69.00

I bought two pairs and paid the extra $15 for the visual field test. They said everything was normal, but I had astigmatism in both eyes. After that, I wore.
You deserve better vision and lower prices. Visit Stanton Optical and get 2 Pair of Glasses for $69 + FREE Eye Exam. Schedule your exam now!.
I purchased two pair of glasses with anti-streak progressive lenses and I was concerned about the frames being too flimsy, so I asked the manager for more than.

Two pairs of glasses for 69.00 - live

The trial free contracts gave me a reaction then causing pink eye. Find a store to schedule an exam. That's where I went wrong. It was verified that the prescription was the one on the page, and I was told to call back in the morning. Went back for another exam. Yes No Jacky of Jamestown, NY on Feb. Later another lady try to sell extra add ons and when I said I don't want to buy they act like I don't understand what I want and two pairs of glasses for 69.00 me some more attitude. We aim to provide readers with the most up-to-date information available about today's consumer products and services. Walmart does a better job. By the way, they said they had to tell me it would take two weeks for my glasses to come in. They told me that my glasses were made of either plastic or polycarbonate and I ordered the polycarbonate lenses, for which I had to pay extra because my employer insurance UnitedHealthcare does not cover polycarbonate. two pairs of glasses for 69.00