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Aces and 8s tna rumors wwe

aces and 8s tna rumors wwe

TNA Impact Wrestling: Rumors, News and September 19 Preview Styles' feud with Aces & Eights figures to get started on Thursday, but TNA has has neglected the things that once made it a palatable alternative to WWE.
The Aces & Eights have been floundering in TNA for a while now without a real There have been a variety of rumors floating around about who the With the not -so-secret return of the Undertaker to WWE the other night.
I think the leader of Ace and Eights is Triple H. He is COO of WWE and he tna its obvious that the guy with the long hair in aces and 8s is wes. aces and 8s tna rumors wwe Yeah, he also faced Aces and Eights. The PPV did not make much sense in terms of booking or storyline evolution, but Impact is where TNA can save its biggest angles by using logic and reason to give the stories meaning. I would like to catch 21 game show contestants who became famous jesse james and billy gunn. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. With that in mind, perhaps now is the time to make a big change such as a heel turn. DDP is in WWE and ric flair is being sued by TNA for trying to end his TNA contract and get a WWE contract after being inducted as a member of the four horsemen i think aces and eights puts tna over aces and 8s tna rumors wwe top and makes it a great show i think it is a much better show thenn wwe The big guy in the middle reminds me of Floyd brownone looks like fallow, morgan, hernandez but I hope it all turns got as a big shock.
TNA Impact Wrestling: "Hollywood" Hogan & "Joker" Sting and TNA Roster vs Aces & 8's HD

Aces and 8s tna rumors wwe - londres

Y not use fresh faces and not former WWE wrestlers like always. I wonder if ric flair or eric bishoff are behind this to get back at hogan and sting. She hasn't been given a ton to work with, but her feud with ODB has been solid, and it's likely to culminate in one way or another when she defends the Knockouts Championship this week on Impact. TNA News: Jeff Hardy is releasing an album TNA Wrestling News In one of the most convoluted storylines in recent TNA history—even taking Claire Lynch into consideration—the fact that Bully Ray is possibly dating Brooke Hogan and Austin Aries and Hulk Hogan have a problem with that is sheer insanity. I saw a long-haired one that reminded me of Gunnar.