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Dirtiest players of all time

dirtiest players of all time

Football is a rough, physical sport filled with violent collisions and players who seem to take pride, and perhaps even some measure of joy in.
So this week, Page 2 lists the 10 dirtiest players in pro team sports history. Take a look at our list, then see how our readers ranked their choices for the dirtiest.
The dirtiest NFL players of all time are some of the meanest and most hated men to ever play professional football. You probably won't see these current and. Dirtiest NBA players of all time
dirtiest players of all time If Green wants to prove he's not dirty, there's an easy solution: stop kicking people, Draymond. The former Spurs wing was notorious for sticking his feet under an opposing shooter, taking away their landing space and making them worry about injury every time they rised up to fire away. CBS Radio Public File. Some guys just push the violence a little too far. And there will undoubtedly be cheap shot artists in the league until the end of days.

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Sreve Wisniewski's tactics even offended teammates. Think these guys are bad? This was probably why he led the National League in hit batsmen five times. Readers' List: Best moments in baseball movies. You might try to defend KG by saying that he just always gave it his all. That's kinda funny, actually.