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What does 9 to 5 odds means in tagalog

what does 9 to 5 odds means in tagalog

pula- sa puti-'/ a call to bet in a cockfight i 9 puto-bumbong (n) /pu-tubumbor|/ a romantiko (adj) /ruma-ntikoh/ romantic 5 sa (m- s) /sa*h/ relevant to: to, from.
English, Tagalog. bet. pusta; taya; reto;. bet. [ bet ] Pumusta; tumayâ. bet. [ bet ] Pustá; tayâ. Probably related with: English, Tagalog. bet. pusta; ipusta; taya; reto;.
Searching for "oppo": 9 records (Did you bet in the game between Chicago and Mets?) 2) Ipusta mo ang kalaban ng Mets. (Bet in favor of the Met's opponents.). The Jesus Film - Tagalog Language

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What does 9 to 5 odds means in tagalog 217
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what does 9 to 5 odds means in tagalog