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What r the 7 oceans names

what r the 7 oceans names

"To sail the Seven Seas " has meant different things to different cultures throughout history.
The 7 seas (or more accurately the 7 oceans) are traditionally The Arctic, The Sea There were references to the 7 seas far before there were oceans ' names to.
Much like breaking the world into 7 continents we have 5 massive bodies of water all I used to think there were 7 oceans and even Googled, “ What are the 7. what r the 7 oceans names "Continents and Oceans" by

What r the 7 oceans names - agents shield

Just as valid as all these Eurocentric suggestions is: Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean, Timor Sea, Arafura Sea, Coral Sea and Tasman Sea. Never Miss A Thing! What are the names of the seven oceans? The Seven Seas are, and always have been,. Latest on What Are the Seven Seas? In medieval European literature , the Seven Seas referred to the following seas: [ citation needed ] During the Renaissance a moderately standardized iconography of the four continents and the corresponding four rivers of the world was created.