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Wizard101 worlds by level requirement

wizard101 worlds by level requirement

Does anyone know what levels you have to be to unlock the different side worlds ? I know Grizzlehiem is 20, but that's it!.
Stars of the Spiral - World /Area Requirements - We are a and World, Dungeon and Area Requirements Level Requirement: Any.
There are no real level requirements, although access to some worlds such as Celestia and Zafaria are posted elsewhere. I usually hit Krok at.
When you've started gaining some levels, go back through dungeons you've already completed. Kingsington Park is yet another dungeon-type area that is optional and does not need to be completed to finish Marleybone. Recently, a shadow has crept over Wizard City and Merle AmbroseHeadmaster of Ravenwood, has begun his search to find courageous young Wizards who can save Wizard City. Content is available under CC-BY-SA. Retrieved from "

Wizard101 worlds by level requirement - basketball

This world was once an academy, but it fell when the Dragon Titan was summoned. Secrets of the Skyways. Merch-related posts are welcome as well, including membership, clothing, etc. Quests are the quickest way to gain XP, so having access to these is essential for leveling up... Celestia sank and was destroyed by the Storm Titan after Morganthe raised an army to gain the secrets of Astral magic from the Celestians. Those have level requiremnets. Change Settings to Always Edit in Source.. wizard101 worlds by level requirement