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2 pair glasses 69.95

2 pair glasses 69.95

Customer must pay an optometrist for the cost of the eye exam. In other states eye exam must be performed by an independent optometrist located in or adjacent to Stanton Optical. In all instances Stanton Optical does not perform eye exams.
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I bought two pairs and paid the extra $15 for the visual field test. They said everything was normal, but I had astigmatism in both eyes. After that, I wore.
Dispute Resolution LVP Program. Certain activities provided via the website may be covered by U. Register below to save your offer, then redeem it in store. They said they were still working through placing the backorders. Example: You said you saw the doctor roll his eyes. 2 pair glasses 69.95

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I will be getting my money back for everything except the eye exam and my contacts. Too many people here just need to learn how to say "No, thank you. I went back and forth with her for an hour, until I decided to try contacts. Facebook Opens in a new tab. If not, will gladly give them the prescription back in exchange for a refund so that I can go elsewhere and get a FULL and professional exam, a trial pair of contacts and customer satisfaction.

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They said they were still working through placing the backorders. They double checked - and then said they would change the "BASE CURVE" of the lens. So yes the deal is wonderful and I'm so glad I went there. Just make sure your very clear on this is your experience. They advised me that there is nothing that they can do as they do not make glasses there on the spot. That is, I respect what it can do and it's too useful at work to go back, but I also enjoy the sensation when I put on my old prescription and can see the ENTIRE distance world in focus. I will find a Dr. new spectacles