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Accept paypal payments without paypal account

accept paypal payments without paypal account

Hello, some of my customers want to pay via PayPal but I don't want to have my own PayPal account. I'm looking for an intermediary that would.
We can only pay purchases via PayPal, our account can't accept receiving money. But I want to accept PayPal payments on my website.
Or is there a reputable internet payment site that can accept Paypal payment on my behalf from my client's paypal account without requiring a. accept paypal payments without paypal account How To Make A Paypal Payment Without A Paypal Account Obviously cookies were cleared out each time and the PayPal account is the same one I'm linking to from. ILS — Israeli Shekel. Originally Posted by uberguru. Providers and Network Outages and Updates. Re: Can you send money to someone without a PayPal account?