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26. Al Nuclide Safety Data Sheet. Aluminum - 26 26. Al. I. PHYSICAL DATA. Primary Gammas & X-rays: 511 keV 1130 keV.
Correspondence between Aluminum - 26 and Lead-Lead ages shows that Aluminum - 26 records a detailed record of events in the early solar.
Aluminium - 26 was an element found in moon rocks. It was radioactive, but a prime factor in the.

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This heating was the cause of metamorphic changes in the rocks making up this asteroid. Models of the temperature profiles experienced by different metamorphic grades of the H ordinary chondrites. Thunderstones and Shooting Stars. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved from " Market Watch 26 Dec - Aluminium Windows & Doors

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Aluminium-26 National Nuclear Data Center. The amounts Aluminium-26 far below the initial inventory is found in very early solar system debris. However there are several remaining questions. Pure and Applied Chemistry. The lower scale indicates Aluminium-26 absolute ages, the upper scale ages relative to CAIs.