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The film footage below was taken by Frank Hurley on the Australasian Antarctic Expedition led by Douglas Mawson and includes.
A Time Line of the Exploration of Antarctica. Many expeditions largely by sealers and whalers to all parts of Antarctica.Mainly marine exploration and exploration of the sub Antarctic islands. Captain Scott, UK, leads his first Antarctic expedition to try to reach the South Pole.
An Antarctic Time Line: 1519 - 1959 the Antarctic mainland, not to mention the subantarctic islands. Only historical events of major importance are listed here. First, technology began to produce materials which had never existed in nature. Girl' Down Parkas, Coats and Jackets. Atka to Antarctica to look Antarctica/History potential base sites. Antarctica/History this was his finest hour. However the Greeks and later peoples had no way of proving it.

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Upon his arrival in the South Shetlands, the need for a more secure anchorage for the five ships drove Palmer to push south ahead of the others. First, technology began to produce materials which had never existed in nature. Aristotle argued that since the world is round there must be a landmass in the southern hemisphere to balance the land in the northern hemisphere. On this expedition Marie Byrd Land was discovered and explored from the air. Some now speculate that this tardy departure was a deliberate attempt by de Gerlache to ensure that Belgica would be beset in pack ice and thus forced to remain in the Antarctic for the winter.