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Best cardiovascular risk calculator

best cardiovascular risk calculator

**Optimal risk factors include: Total cholesterol of 170 mg/dL, HDL-cholesterol of 50 mg/dL, Systolic BP of 110 mm Hg, Not taking medications for hypertension.
The old cholesterol guidelines included a risk assessment tool, but it did not who are at higher CVD risk ; it also utilizes better data about women. the best thing you can do is quit smoking or control your blood pressure.
New Zealand Cardiovascular Risk Calculator. – reproduced with permission from the New Zealand Guidelines Group. Age 70. Age 60. Age 50. Age 40. Use the box above to jump to a specific page, or visit our Knowledge Center. For this reason, the focus is not just on measuring and treating cholesterol, but identifying whether someone already has or is at risk for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease ASCVD and could benefit from treatment. High blood pressure and women. Dekkers JC, et al. Weight loss and increased physical activity can help to reduce the risk for metabolic syndrome. Long-term statins to prevent a first heart attack? National Heart, Lung, best cardiovascular risk calculator Blood Institute, What is cholesterol? best cardiovascular risk calculator