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Four player gamecube games

four player gamecube games

I owned a gamecube when it initially came out. I bought it for the I am looking specifically for entertaining 3- 4 player games. Anyone can give.
I'm looking for fun multiplayer games of any kind to play.
I'm trying to expand my current library of multiplayer games. So far I've got mostly obvious choices: * Smash Bros Melee/Brawl/Project M *.

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It also played host to some people's all-time favourite entries in long-running Nintendo series, with its incarnations of some iconic Nintendo franchises beating those on the more successful platforms from the Japanese giant. In fact, Symphonia is that rare RPG where the battles are addictive. The Man Who Fell to Earth: The Myopic Wonder of David Bowie's Earth Oddity. You can also pick up Mario Kart -like items that let you get temporary speed bursts or fire shots to slow down your opponents and allow you to get ahead. With four Zelda games, including the legendary Ocarina Of Time , on a single disc this is a must for any Zelda fan. To clean up the island, Mario used his backpack-mounted FLUDD system Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device , which could spray water to clean up slime, and also allowed Mario to hover in the air.
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21DUKES ND CODES Using these drums, you controlled DK by hitting left, right and both to jump. Unfortunately, the shipment was delayed on account of the snow. What it does is use the power of the GameCube to make the levels look much better. That took so long to type. An average gameplay session usually includes nothing diablo 3 dices strenuous than fishing by the river, collecting rare butterflies, and dropping in on an animal neighbor to check out their new coffee table.
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