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Man with 100 cats foundation

man with 100 cats foundation

BUTTE — A man whose cat -packed home was raided last week has been arrested and charged with seven felony counts of cruelty to animals.
The Hundred Cat Foundation (HCF) is a non-profit organization He would love to have you come visit him at PAWS so you can see what a sweet guy he is!.
Foundation Staff. Foundation Small Directors Dan Vistica, Chairman Michael Teel Jennie Teel Wolter Tim Ray Rob Siebers Jeff Savage.
Free Roamers Spotlight: Buddy, the Harrisburg neighborhood "tom" who eluded his caretaker for two years before her persistence and patience paid off! Matthew Murphy Memorial Fund and many others who provided financial donations. You will take immense pleasure knowing that your efforts help to raise awareness for the cats in our region. Popular stories in this section. Advertise with Times-Union Media. With several new all-weather shelters added in the territory, Neelix and his fellow colony. First Coast No More Homeless Pets founder Rick DuCharme said it sounded like a textbook case EC animal hoarding. man with 100 cats foundation