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Riddle 5 frogs on a log song

riddle 5 frogs on a log song

DLTK's Songs for Children Five Green and five green and speckled frogs crossword puzzle. Five Green and Frog Themed Nursery Rhymes and Songs.
“ Five little speckled frogs ” (also known as “ Five Green and Speckled Frogs ” or “ Five Speckled Frogs ”) is one of the most popular counting songs and singing games, together with Eeny meeny miny moe. Sat on a speckled log Proverbs · Religious and Holiday songs · Riddles · Rounds · Singing games · Tongue twisters.
Five Green and speckled frogs, Sitting on a hollow log, Eating some most delicious bugs, Yum, Yum. One frog jumped in the pool, Where it was nice and cool. The answer is. One frog jumped in the pool. Now there are only four speckled frogs. Why Organizations Go Off Course. United States Minor Outlying Islands. riddle 5 frogs on a log song