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Wizard 101 wizard city history books quest

wizard 101 wizard city history books quest

A guide to all of the books in wizard city. I show you all locations in 1 minute. let me know if this helped you.
can anyone help me to find these history books in firecat alley, I will try something on my lvl one wiz, doing her quest before im lvl ten But after you reach Level 10, you should go to the Wizard City Library and talk to Boris. History of Ice Magic.
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Wizard 101 wizard city history books quest - contest time

Firecat Alley - Prince Allicane Swiftarrow's Fireglobe Theater. Wizard City's "History of Magic" Book Locations Unicorn Way - Lady Blackhope's Tower. Marleybone's "History of Marleybone" Book Locations Mooshu's "History of MooShu" Book Locations Dragonspyre's "History of Dragonspyre" Book Locations Grizzleheim's "History of Grizzleheim" Book Locations Celestia's "Press Pass" Zodiac Tome Locations Some areas have two tomes in the same place. Must have or have had Let's Make a Deal quest for access. However, registration is not a condition of copyright protection. History of Death Magic in the Haunted Cave in the Stormdrain Tower. Create your own and start something epic. History of Storm Magic in Triton Avenue in the The Harvest Lord's Tower. Guide to History Books Quest. You can go around the top and down the ramp to avoid the fight. History of Fire Magic in Firecat Alley in the Fireglobe Theatre - must have or have had the Administer Cure quest for access. More information can be found pakistan-karachi.info. You are commenting using your Facebook account. wizard 101 wizard city history books quest