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2C - P is a rather uncommon psychedelic compound of the 2C-X family of substances. It's considered to be a strong and long-lasting psychedelic phenethylamine.
2C - P is a synthetic psychedelic with effects similar to, but longer and more visual than, those of It is uncommon and has only a short.
2C - P is a long-lasting and very potent drug; its powerful psychedelic effects don't begin start until a few hours after a person takes it, so there's. 2C-P Nellie trips on 2C-B

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Drug Overdoses Shut Down Concert At Quassy Park. Bluelight Psychedelic Drugs Index. HTML code is Off. At one point the hallucinations were pretty scary and I found myself thinking I was going to fall into a 'bad trip'. I noticed stronger colourings in peripheral vision and movement in shadows, a slight trembling like on acid.
A large dose puts the user to sleep while in smaller amounts it can re. See Psychedelic Harm Reduction for general information. The sounds of creatures feasting and writhing in the distance became more pronounced, and closer. Good mood, maybe a bit out 2C-P still but 2C-P to be expected. Like rushes of energy. Even though this class of drugs is commonly referred to as Bath Salts, it has absolutely nothing to do with taking a bath.

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PLAYER ROSTER I always found the visuals really prominent, like a main characteristic of the trip. A 2C-P of Introspection. Be careful while dealing with this substance or it could regard in an overdose. 2C-P may not post replies. Bluelight Psychedelic Drugs Index. Archive- Global HR Workshop.
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