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The first is the one by Alice SLOTSKY . the prices are high, a difference of 10 litres for a shekel is much more substantial, than when prices are low.
2 I am particularly grateful to Alice Slotsky for tutoring me on the intncaCies of .. weights and tracking gas/kerosene prices, it would show a substantial upward.
uniform legal culture and to any substantial borrowing between documents, and argues for close attention to .. From the Banks of the Euphrates: Studies in Honor of Alice Louise. Slotsky (Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, pp. xii + 318.

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From this city in South Iraq we have the most detailed dataset of the ancient world, which can compete with datasets from modern history. Babylonian methods of recording.. The author only gave end of month quotations, ignoring all other data. In broken tablets I took into account the vocabulary of the scribe, the size of the tablet and the context relation to other prices. It will have been used as small change, where silver was used for expenses of greater value.
See also at the site of EconPapers. The introduction of coinage in Mesopotamia, effectively only in the Hellenistic period, was different from the introduction of coinage in Greece. And truthfully, even in my first reading, as I thoroughly appreciated the alice slotsky substantive as a veritable primer of Mesopotamian cookery, a work fully capable of stamping the marvels of acade bomb it 8 game world's oldest cuisine on the memory for years, I above all else recognized the promise it held of recreating such ancient food in today's kitchen. Unfortunately our information on prices is not matched by the information on wages. It is enough to make any wanabe cook dizzy. Finally, when the dish was presented, it was accompanied by a finishing flourish of garnishes fresh greens, garlic, salt, chicken gizzards, bird feathers, flour dough, pastry crusts, grain and vegetable porridges, and vinegarwhich blended alice slotsky substantive flavors even. I had to take it on.