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Android airplane mode keep wifi

android airplane mode keep wifi

In the past you could turn wifi on with airplane mode on. . Such as to keep in Airplane mode, but use on-plane WiFi ; which is an acceptable.
I downloaded " Airplane Mode Wi-Fi Tool" from the Android Marketplace (or Play), Then you can toggle wifi and bluetooth when normal airplane mode is activated through the power button menu. Am I keeping the app? Support - Turn off phone+mobile data but keep wifi?.
I don't know why, but when in airplane mode the wifi will not connetct -I get the message saying "obtaining IP address" and nothing moreĀ  easy way to toggle cell radio on/off, or airplane mode +.

Android airplane mode keep wifi - downloads

I didn't realize but now it seems obvious. I did not know you could still have wifi in airplane mode. Take that string, remove what you don't want, and feed it back into this command.. Do you already have an account? When connected back to power, turn off airplane mode, and then make sure the WiFi and Mobile Data radios are on, just to be on the safe side. HTC ONE X problem with network (airplane mode wont turn off)

Android airplane mode keep wifi - room movie

I have a different task set that turns on Airplane mode ten minutes after my phone is successfully connected to WiFi -- unless it's my home WiFi, in which case the airplane mode setting kicks on in one minute. As a bonus, I made them NOT do this if on AC power. Having a phone that works overseas is great and all. Are you a developer? Yes, he is easily amused. I'm so proud of myself. It has been serving me well and I'm quite pleased with it.
android airplane mode keep wifi