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Android apps best may 2014

android apps best may 2014

These are the top five best Android apps you should install this month.
by Tim-o-tato on May 29, 2014 @timotato Apps Featured News Best dollar you will ever spend if you prefer the stock launcher over the other offerings on.
The articles talks about the 10 best Android apps for the month of May. Some of these top android apps of May are Chrome Remote Desktop. android apps best may 2014
Father's Incredible battle to save his Girl! Ustwo's Monument Valley has players guide a hapless girl through a twisted maze of Escherian proportions. One of the biggest updates from this month is Snapchat. The sheer arrogance of this is what irritates me, as if no other game engine on mobile was "proper", they were all shit and we need the almighty Valve to grace our devices with their antiquated engine. There's a home screen widget as well, but no Exchange support just .