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Anthony Kenny

Anthony Kenny

Sir Anthony Kenny has been Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford, Master of Balliol College, Oxford, Chairman of the Board of the British Library, and.
" Kenny's authoritative work, compiling four volumes, is the finest single-author history of Western philosophy since Frederick Copleston- a Herculean task.
Sir Anthony Kenny, former Warden of Rhodes House, Oxford, is one of Britain's most distinguished academic figures. He has been Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the.

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I knew this guy Feser was on the money. There are also moral consequences. I think the same holds in other places like economics, religion, music, etc. My primary academic research interests are in the philosophy of mind, moral and political philosophy, and philosophy of religion. Hence, pace many adherents of the Platonic approach to teleology, there is on the Aristotelian view no necessary connection between teleology and theism. My compliments to you Prof. Anthony Kenny

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Has anyone read Kenny's New History of Western Philosophy? Well, I enjoy reading TLS and learning more philosophy along the way. He is too lenient in accepting Aristotle's claim for the ubiquity of teleology, too demanding in rejecting Aristotle's idea that teleology is a basic fact of the universe... I'm starting to understand though, that the Fifth Way argues for the source of teleology and not for where it exists. One being that "the null hypothesis" is that humans are - literally as near as I can decipher their meaning and definition - machines. Kenny refers us to arguments he has defended in his book The Five Ways and summarizes a point he defends in Aquinas on Being -- books I have profited from and which Prof. The notion that he did is just an urban legend that has evidently gone viral in the monkey-see-monkey-do world of academic philosophy. Opie & Anthony - Kenny from Wisconsin is a liar and a drunk