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Wizard101 crown shop sales

wizard101 crown shop sales

Posts about Crown Shop Sales written by yogaleigh.
I wait and wait and wait for crown shop sales on the stuff I want, but I gave up waiting figuring it may not happen anytime soon and soon as I  Houses for Sale in Shop?.
I just had a couple of questions regarding the special Crown Shop sales, more These would be an analog to "Palooza" sales.

Wizard101 crown shop sales - full version

Yes it is drop and it came on UK few days ago. Other times a selection might be on sale for a week. They are equal to happy hours in UK server. Board of the Ravenwood's school of magic arts. There might be a one day sale on Monday and another on Throwback Thursday and then some other items Friday-Sunday. I will say one thing to address a point - although all of them are fairly low on factual content not only is localization not time consuming for content which you guys waited a long time for because we did not get it for a very long time it has to come to us as bug free as KI can make it without driving you all nuts people worked hard to get it done even faster than the week or so it takes. I am clear on what I can change and what I can't and I don't take it personally.
wizard101 crown shop sales