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Yamhad was an ancient Semitic kingdom centered on Ḥalab (Aleppo), Syria. The kingdom .. Miller, Julie A. "Alalakh". In Ring, Trudy; Salkin, Robert M.; La Boda, Sharon. In Melville, Sarah C.; Alice L., Slotsky. Opening the Tablet Box.
سومو-إبو(حكم مابين عامي ق م) أول ملكٍ من ملوك يمحاض (حلب) ممن وُثقت سيرتهم. 780. ISBN ^ Trudy Ring,Robert M. Salkin,Sharon La Boda International 10. ^ Sarah Melville, Alice Slotsky Opening the.
Near Eastern Studies in Honor of Benjamin R. Foster Sarah Melville, Alice Slotsky wears, however, are the garlands of marsh plants, excepting the signet ring.

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The Rise and Fall of the Ancient Israelite States. At the end of a monthly section some historical events were recorded mainly on campaigns of the king, visits of the king or high officials to Babylon, cultic events, etc. Historical Dictionaries of Ancient Civilizations and Historical Eras. Print all entries for this topic. Reflecting his scholarly interests, the collection focuses on mathematics and exact sciences in the ancient world, especially India, and the relationship of Eastern mathematics to the development of mathematics and related disciplines in the West.