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Does paypal accept sbi debit cards

does paypal accept sbi debit cards

Online transactions can now be hassle free. PayPal is here to help you with quick Here's a list of major banks that accept card transactions, done through PayPal. Axis Bank. Kotak Mahindra Bank. HDFC Bank. ICICI Bank. SBI Card. Citibank.
MUMBAI: Customers of State Bank of India (SBI) can now use their debit cards on PayPal for buying products from overseas websites.
Know what Indian Bank Debit cards works with PayPal, Google Wallet and other .. You can also pay your Google Play Store Developer Fee by using SBI Debit.
How can I link my card? Only for receiving payments, if you want to make payment through PayPal then you must need debit or credit card to be linked. Hope this will help. I tried linking my Debit Card to my PayPal account which I created but it failed to verify but I was also charged by my bank. You can also do the same using following step Note:- You will be asked for otp verification on your registered mobile number. does paypal accept sbi debit cards How To Get 100% PayPal Verification in Bangladesh 2016 for neteller virtual card