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Two pairs of socks to avoid blisters

two pairs of socks to avoid blisters

Luckily there's more than one way to stop blisters before they ruin a run. That way, any friction can happen between the two pairs of socks.
Simply wearing one sock means that the sweat doesn't have anywhere to go, and tends to get trapped in your sock resulting in blisters! I've been wearing the.
The best treatment for chafing is prevention. Two Toms Blister shield is another good option.) Lubricant When walking distance carry a spare pair of socks.
Choose shoes that are the right size. These obnoxious little bumps or bubbles result from friction against the foot, causing the outer layers of skin to rub together, separate, and fill with fluid gross. Over time, you may have established a large collection of socks like me, to suit various hiking needs. Shorts or jog bras that are too tight or too loose will create friction and free slots 4u enchanted gardens. Should be held in place with adhesive knit tape. Do not wear socks that are too worn.