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Snes 7-up game

snes 7-up game

British video games developer Virgin Interactive's American studio produced a platform game starring the.
Game info/discussion at | "Cool Spot" (SNES), published by Virgin Interactive, 1993.
rates this game: 4/5. In Cool Spot, you play as the late 80's 7Up mascot, who's name is the title read more.

Snes 7-up game - basketball

You hop and jump over obstacles and enemies, and search for your friends. When the bubble pops, it'll deposit you safely onto a toy rocket. Only this sud-shooting spot can save them. On each turn, a player selects an existing piece of his color, and then an empty position one or two squares away. For starters, share this page with your friends. The sounds are also positively effervescent. To see the game's Cool ending, you must play the game on the Hard Mode and collect all six letters U-N-C-O-L-A from the Bonus Level. However, if Spot jams his way through the easier, early levels, he won't have enough lives built up to cover his. This franchise was ahead of it's time in terms of vehicular destruction and controls. The canoeing information of each level is simple: Collect enough Spots to open the cage and release your Snes 7-up game Spot buddy. Retro Game Room Categories. Spot is in pursuit of his kidnapped friends. Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest.