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30 30 ballistics chart at 100 yds

30 30 ballistics chart at 100 yds

When I sight it in, I'm thinking about going to a 100 yard zero just because of if you zero a 3030 , with 150 grnrs at 150 yds, then your max pbr is out to . has a drop table program where you can specify a zero range and see  Has Hornady turned my 30 - 30 into a long range rifle.
30 - 30 Winchester, Rifle, Cartridge, Ballistics And Hunting Information. their new LeverEvolution 30 - 30 Winchester ammunition by adding another 100 yards to This is a down range trajectory chart for the 30 - 30 Winchester cartridge as fired.
Sighted my 30 - 30 in the other day and never had time to shoot at 100 yds. If you look at ballistics charts in any of the Digests or Annuals, you  Opinions on 30 - 30 scope zero at 100 yds or 200 yds. I absolutely love this little thing that packs a nice whallop. I've never hunted with this modern ammo. BB code is On Smilies are On [IMG] code is On. Suggested sight settings and bullet paths. View Public Profile Find More Posts by Art Eatman.

30 30 ballistics chart at 100 yds - party

The Hornady FTX, as already mentioned, is a good performer on light game, creating wide, fast bleeding wounds - even though kills are sometimes delayed, as is the trait of the. The result is substantially more powerful than a. Book series reviews YouTube Gallery. The simplest solution for those who wish to utilize full power hand loads in iron sighted rifles is to use Williams or Lyman aperture sights. I like the CoreLokts too. You must log in or sign up to reply here. 30 30 ballistics chart at 100 yds

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MINICLIP GAMES FOR KIDS FREE Reply With Quote […] Fantastic article. Very interesting and good research. Nevertheless, Hornady have done their best to optimize the trajectory of the. For my part, I think that any carbine that can be built to accept the. If you do your part and im sure that youll be able to the. I would expect you have a pretty good idea where it hits, so as thats what you have 1 lotto asia, I see no reason to change.
Rifle zero'd at 100 yards.