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5 dimensional glass

5 dimensional glass

The method is called five - dimensional data storage, and was first demonstrated in a paper in Since then, the scientists behind it say.
The newly created 5D glass discs can even withstand temperatures up to.
"We have the ability to store the culture, language and essence of the human race in a simple piece of glass. For future civilizations -- or. We've noticed that you are using an ad blocker. The sidebar size is short. The information encoding inside the disc is realised in five dimensions - the size and orientation of the nanostructures, in additional 5 dimensional glass their three-dimensional positions inside the disc. Our daily newsletter android mobile car racing games download what's important in technology and innovation. The technology is in its infancy, and producing and using the discs is currently a fairly difficult task.

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If you are in Firefox click "disable on ". Professor Peter Kazansky, from the university's Optoelectronics Research Centre, said: "It is thrilling to think that we have created the technology to preserve documents and information and store it in space for future generations. Some things are just more or less likely. Click search or press enter. These nanostructures change the way light travels through the glass disc, altering its polarisation. The latest glimpse at...

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5 dimensional glass If six-legged automatons want to get ahead, they should only leave two feet on the ground. A new material could eventually be used to store vast amounts of data on 5 dimensional glass disc. Artists got paid for their art and inventors got paid for their 2Pat long before the concept of copyright ever came. They ate not subject to proof. More from Intelligent Machines.
Android 4.2 games free download for mobile Essentially, the discs are made by a laser that can make microscopic etchings in nanoglass. Actually this is not true. Traditional DVDs and CDs store data on their surface in two dimensions, and 5 dimensional glass discs can store it in. Featured Topic: The Classics. Even if string theory is valid the extra dimensions are so tightly packed strings are supposed to be trillions of trillions of times smaller than a proton, which is totally untestablethey do not have the slightest impact on the real, tangible world. Emerging Technology from the arXiv.
5 dimensional glass 5-Dimensional Data Storage