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Best 4 card keno strategy youtube

best 4 card keno strategy youtube

Then a 'Secret' Keno Strategy Was Revealed to Me How Winning A Four Card Keno 7 Spot Changed Everything For Me I studied hard, bought the best training software and within a few months I was living the high life .. Hi mystic gambler, I saw your YouTube video for the 6 spot keno and it worked.
It's a 5 card pattern, four 5 spots and a 4 spot for support set up in each o This is how I set up my cards to.
Crazy 'distribution' keno strategy let's you kick back and watch 4 spots pop up on multiple cards - hour.
It would be so cool if I could actually use these tips to win a few games. So my question is? Also several extremely dry spells. Sometimes I think its like Algerian Sign Language crab pots in the berring see and for a while wondered if I could invite a new keno game based on the reality show about crab fishing. Our recommendation engine has come up with some personalized suggestions for you.