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Flow 8 deck freezes up

flow 8 deck freezes up

If I re-add the same files back into Flow, nothing happens. The only I don't want to have to go looking for them and drag them up individually. Missing: freezes.
It sucks, i can't have any flow when i mix because everytime i am about to load a track The waveforms usualy freeze for a while until the remix deck is loaded and then the audio might drop out. traktor 2.7. 8 ? or traktor? is running? you may need to run a disk cleaner to try and speed up the drive.
Inmooucrno me new Ciiivon L2 Hr- 8 Brincorrosrr wmi VL Mourrr ron they provide the power to run lights, camcorders and decks free from the fear of shutdown. Freeze - freeze the action at a touch of the button, or create a strobe effect. lux plus, make background appear to flow 8. create an after image effect Close- up. Mixed In Key Flow 8 Deck DJ Software Talkthrough

Flow 8 deck freezes up - casino neris

And thanks for that Asu, you may well be right. Also, to be sure, have you all updated your firmware to v. Reply Reply with Quote. Thanks for that DJ freestylefrenzy. The Scrub feature is sluggish when using a mouse which at the very least I was hoping was going to work seeing as how Midi forgets what the hell its doing half the time. flow 8 deck freezes up