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Mad lab rotmg

mad lab rotmg

Mad Lab I really really hate confuse! This dungeon is filled with confuse casting round pink puff balls of doom. The pink confuse guys are always found with the.
Soloing this lab after my rogue died. I was rushing the castle, broke through the wall and got armor broke, and.
Welcome back to the Two Yetis Dungeon Guide Series! This week, were taking a look at at the Mad Lab! Lets.

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mad lab rotmg Rotmg - Wizard solo Mad Lab

Mad lab rotmg - 888

Robe of the Master. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Terrible Horrific Creation The Horrific Creation is the second boss of the Mad Lab. Be careful when confused as you might step in an acid pool or into other mobs or other slow-moving, high-damaging projectiles. Contents [ show ]. Notes: There are many monsters that inflict stunned and confused. Skip to Wiki Navigation.