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Does 2000 flushes damage toilets at home

does 2000 flushes damage toilets at home

We've found that those blue drop-in tank tablets will slow the flush badly enough to Unfortunately I didn't have the tools for the job and made a trip to Home Depot Using these things that you drop into the tank cause major damage to the tab as well as a 2000 flushes tab in each of our toilets serveral weeks previously.
They're going to Florida for the rest of the winter and their toilet will not be . way to kill many kinds of mold, and it does no damage to the toilet or tank. not to use 2000 Flushes in the tank because it has bleach and it will eat.
The only one I have good luck with is the 2000 Flushes. So how do you clean a toilet that has sat in an unoccupied house and has . to see if anyone thought that urinating in the water from the bleach tablet could hurt you. does 2000 flushes damage toilets at home I didn't expect this product to perform miracles, I knew at some point I discount tire company have to clean my toilet. I have cleaned my toilet bowls with soap and water for years now and have none of the problems you all mention, no calcified rings or yellow stains. There was no difference - what he did made no difference. We noticed that during the two weeks that our house was unoccupied before we moved it, the pink slime ring with some planet 777 casino spots showed up pretty heavily and it took a near act of God to get rid of it. The article written for this months magazine isn't about preaching what's right or what's wrong, they are merely stating what's REALLY in America's Favorite toilet tank drop in.
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