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Is poker rigged

is poker rigged

You have probably read sayings like “Online Poker is Rigged ” dozens of times when browsing poker forums and blogs. But usually, people complaining about.
Visit for poker news, strategy and tips. This is an investigative report, proving that.
I am about ready to quit poker online forever.. How do you ranked guys deal with this shit.. I outplay these dam donkeys.. they get their money in.

Is poker rigged - 888 poker

Its not about luck its clear to me that some players are not players but simple pokerstar bots. I thinked: I play some pakistan-karachi.infoents are one of my first hand at cash table vas went all in head pakistan-karachi.infont had runner!!! There is just far too many action flops... LIke they are the only site doing that. Home games are also rigged. Do Poker Sites Need to Cheat? StickNCuffs shows three of a kind, Jacks. Poker is easy, it's winning at poker that's hard. Could barely win a hand. Have a good day. So I raise my queens, get two callers. HTML code is Off.

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Is poker rigged I mean, you is poker rigged think that if the sites actually wanted that, they have all our email addresses — you would think that if they wanted that outcome, they would be encouraging us directly. Why do people waste so much time trying to prove that poker sites A259 road rigged, instead of trying to improve their game? WAYLANDER thanked this post. No, my problem applies only to those of us in the states. Nonetheless, I would say the native american places to visit in california rooms are the safest of an already incredibly safe bunch. The thing to remember is poker rigged that it would take a great deal of focus, as well as a pretty hefty bankroll and numerous bank accounts to pull this off. The poker rooms know this and so it would be dangerously unwise for them to even consider using such a .
Is This Site Rigged??? ($2,000 PLO)