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Tc 30 caliber ballistics chart

tc 30 caliber ballistics chart

Ammo Description. Velocity (fps) / Energy (ft/lb). Trajectory Tables .. C 30TC. 150 gr. SST InterLock.
Lets use Hornady Ammo information. We'll omit the Light Magnum The 30 TC has slightly less case capacity than a 308 Win. Given the huge.
Why did TC think another 30 caliber cartridge was needed? . than a.308 at with the same grain bullet according to hornady's ballistic chart. tc 30 caliber ballistics chart Thanks again for all the info. SST GMX BTHP InterBond. C rifle version being exported world wide. If you can't then it is just expensive to shoot factory fodder compared to what I can shoot my. My dad shoots a.

Tc 30 caliber ballistics chart - btc

The Firing Line Gun Show.. I have several centerfire rifles and these are the most accurate that I own. Dealer Request On-line locator. Both have been proven performing cartridges for many, many years. Search this thread only. User Name Remember Me?