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What does 9 to 1 odds meanings of words

what does 9 to 1 odds meanings of words

This article is within the scope of the WikiProject Statistics, a collaborative effort to improve the How can it be that the chance of you picking a Sunday is 1 /6 instead of 1 /7? But people also use the word " odds " to mean probability. I see a website posting odds for certain candidates, like Guiliani has 9 -2 odds, or Hillary.
As you wait, do you ever wonder exactly what those odds mean? If not, perhaps you should In other words we have a 1 in 6 chance of rolling the number we want. Expressed as odds 5/4 = = 4/ 9 = = 4/ 1 = 1 /(1 +4) = 1.
First, what does the word 'and' mean in a sentence about math? . In other words , 3- 1 bookmakers odds means that the chances of a win are.
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