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Walking dead game season 1 episode 3 glitch

walking dead game season 1 episode 3 glitch

For The Walking Dead: Episode 3 - Long Road Ahead on the I wish more devs would actually finish their games before releasing them.
The Walking Dead Episode 3 Train Glitch / Bug Solution/FIX to menu in walkin dead game then you re-load.
# 1 Edited by Dylabaloo posts) - 4 years, 5 months ago. While on the . I play it via Xbox 360 and no real glitches throughout episode 3. Stuck on Episode 3 (Camera glitch) (PC) - The Walking Dead. walking dead game season 1 episode 3 glitch Edit: Never mind quit to the main menu and reloaded and this time the story progressed fine. But yea, there would be no way I'd ever use "touch wood" as the saying. Sign up for free! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. That was the only glitch I found, touch wood. Don't have an account? Other Telltale Games subreddits:.
The walking dead season 1 episode 4 BUG!!!!