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Who invented the american flag with 50 stars

who invented the american flag with 50 stars

The modern-day Betsy Ross was actually a high school student. Robert G. "Bob" Heft created his version of the 50 - star flag in 1958 while he was just 17 years.
In Bob Heft, a high school junior and Boy Scout in Troop 113 of Lancaster, Ohio, designed a 50 - star version of the American flag.
Did you ever wonder who designed the current American Flag? His updated 50 - star flag was a class project later adopted by presidential proclamation after. Replicas of Heft's original flag still wave today. He was a longtime-member of the Harvey Washington wizards al harrington Toastmasters club in Saginaw, where he earned the nickname "Father Time" as he often filled the role of timer during meetings. The flag that made Heft famous is soiled and faded from frequent display. Eisenhower made a personal phone call to the shocked Heft to tell him that his flag design had been accepted. The large flag at left is in front of Draper Chevrolet on Bay Road in Saginaw Township. We'll send one email per weekday, and you can unsubscribe any time. JTE Journey to Excellence.

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The Bay City Times. I am from Napoleon, Ohio. Follow us on Twitter. His teacher, who had given him a "B-" for the project, promised he'd change the grade if his flag was accepted by Congress. News Sports Entertainment Lifestyle Obituaries E-Edition Jobs Cars Homes Classified Ads. But apparently he was the only person who actually stitched together a flag and shipped it to D. who invented the american flag with 50 stars