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2 and 1/2 men chelsea

2 and 1/2 men chelsea

Chelsea Christine Melini is the first woman Charlie confessed his love to without prompting. He.
She is an actress, known for Two and a Half Men She has been married Known For. Two and a Half Men Chelsea / Suzanne / Nina / Tina.
Charlie finally manages to sexually satisfy Chelsea.

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Grade the episode below, then sound off in the comments section. After the piano crushed Mr. Bizarre to say the least. And no, not picky. As the show was planned the way that Ted should not end up with the girl he met during the pilot the finale was never fitting!

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The wife dying I can be ok with, but for the love of God, the whole Ted and robin thing was like beating a dead and roting horse. A really big eff U to fans seems like a trend on CBS sitcom finales. I normally hate cameos but Arnold, Christian Slater and John Stamos were the highlights of the show for me. Watch Now on Amazon. We all watched the show for the great chemistry between Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer, and it we all wanted to see that again for one last time to close the show the right way. Ted did continue to pine for Robin, and he did all along. Then for the hell of it, another piano came down, squashing Lorre like a bug.
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