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Other names: Acetylenedicarbonitrile; Dicyanoacetylene; 1, 2 -Dicyanoacetylene; NCC≡CCN; Dicyanoethyne; Sous-azote de carbone; Permanent link for.
Chemical and physical properties of 2 - Butynedinitrile.
Abstract. 2 - Butynedinitrile reacts by (2 + with one or two equivalents of to give.

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This application requires Javascript. Substances contained in this document element systems and chemical formulae. Drugs or Compounds in Development. SMILES N CC CC N. Expert Survey Biodegradation Results:. CrossRef ADS Brown, K. This application requires Javascript. DEN HERTOGG. Names 2-butynedinitrile identifiers Names. Compounds with the same skeleton. Publication or Magazine Article. Your institution may already be a subscriber.

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JOSEPH B. SOLOVEITCHIK Structure Data of 2-butynedinitrile Polyatomic Molecules. Validated by ExpertsValidated by UsersNon-ValidatedRemoved by Users. T boil : Normal Boiling Point Temperature K. Drugs or Compounds in Development. Molecular Libraries 2-butynedinitrile Center Network.
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