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A sloth running

a sloth running

The Internets say a two-toed sloth can run 0.17 mph, and that sloths in danger* can cover 15 feet in a minute, which is relatively blinding speed.
Seriously, this is a sloth moving as quick as it can down the tree. Some have commented that we were.
Sloth in Porto Seguro. Sloth running for her life Dan Menks. Subscribe SubscribedUnsubscribe. Find all posts by Carryon. Location: SF Bay Area, California. View Public Profile Find all posts by Carryon. They can take swipes with their forefeet and can bite with their sharp teeth. View Public Profile Find all posts by Boogly. Find all posts by JimSC. a sloth running sloth running as fast as he can (colombia)

A sloth running - pat

The police came and asked "What happened here? Originally Posted by astorian. I leaned towards him to take a pic with my camera. If you fed them easier to digest food and excercised them, you'd get a dispeptic, grumpy sloth that might even be slower than usual. On the other hand, three-toed sloths are generally much more lethargic and can move only slowly. View Public Profile Visit Yllaria's homepage! Location: An East Hollywood dingbat.